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The Clarks
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25th-Jun-2005 12:02 pm - Between Now and Then
Hey all - just wanted to see if anyone else had pre-orded and received the newest CD! We got the CD along with the bonus Bootleg CD that came along with the pre-order and I must say, it's an awesome "best of" for the guys! Hard to pick the best songs on the best CD's because they're all so good.

My husband and I were also driving out of Pittsburgh last night and The Clarks were doing their annual concert at the Chevrolet Ampitheater in Station Square in Pgh. I think the second show is tonight - I was quite bummed out when we were crossing the bridge to go into the tunnel and the concert was loud enough to hear. It was too busy of a weekend for us to get to either show. Hopefully they'll be playing locally again so we can check them out.

Anyway - hasn't been too much activity around here lately so I thought I'd drop a line - anyone seen 'em lately or anything else?
6th-Nov-2004 03:18 pm - New..
Hey, i'm new here and i just wanted to say hello! i'm going to a clarks concert tonight at a local highschool in pittsburgh...my 3rd clarks concert this year! haha, i'm pretty excited. maybe i'll post later to say how it went.

31st-Oct-2004 09:30 pm(no subject)
coolness made by digic_icons
For anyone who didn't get an email from them yet, Scott had a baby on Monday! Her name is Sofia Marie. She is 7.2 pounds and 20 inches long. I think that is awesome. Scott's daughter and I were both born on October 25! HAHAHAHA!!!
2nd-Oct-2004 07:43 pm(no subject)
the clarks are an awesome band. my cousins live up in p-burgh and have seen them. no fair!

i wanna see the clarks.

i heard about them a while back, but never acutally HEARD them until july of this year. and i must say that they are awesome.
27th-Sep-2004 02:05 am - Rob Encounter x2
Heh...I ran into Rob today at Toys 'R' Us (my wonderful place of employment)...he came into my line and I got to talking with him for a little bit. Annnd it was nice. The end. =P

EDIT 9/28/04:
He came back today (Tuesday) for more! Haha...and he does go to my church. And he's going to see my boyfriend's band play. =P That's all!
21st-Jun-2004 04:52 pm - exciting!
sex pot
An email I just got from The Clarks:

"We are extremely proud to report that on Tuesday, August 31st, The
Clarks will be the musical guest on The Late Show with David Letterman.
Check your local listings for time and channel."

How rad is that?!
3rd-May-2004 01:25 pm(no subject)
Who else has heard the new single "Hell On Wheels" yet?

12th-Apr-2004 06:15 pm(no subject)
2 pittsburgh shows announced .. :)

june 18 + 19 @ station square .. yay!
12th-Apr-2004 04:27 pm(no subject)
The Clarks will be releasing their new studio album on June 8th. It's entitled "Fast Moving Cars."

The first single to be released off of it is called "Hell on Wheels"
5th-Apr-2004 08:58 pm - Strikes and Gutters 2
Hey all - just wanted to see if everyone has had a chance to buy or listen to Strikes and Gutters 2. I must say I was a little disappointed because I preordered on awarestore.com thinking that I was going to get signed copy of the CD - and when it finally arrived, it wasn't signed. Other that that - the CD is pretty good. The songs are just good ol' Clarks music and when I listen to it - it makes me want to get to their next live show! I haven't seen them live in quite some time...I think it must have been March 17th of 2002 - in Pittsburgh - they did the shows on the Gateway Clipper which went all the way down the river and back to the city. It was great! I haven't seen many plans for another Pittsburgh show anytime soon - I think they need to get back to their hometown!

ok - enough rambling from me! :)
1st-Jan-2004 04:42 pm(no subject)
[hp] sarah wuz here
Hey guys!

I don't know if any of you know what a fanlisting is, but I just created one (and am maintaining it) for the Clarks.

So ... check it out, please. And tell all your friends about it. And please, please, please ... join!!



21st-Dec-2003 05:39 pm - Dear Prudence
winking Michiru
I saw the Clarks a while ago on a WQED show called "A Tribute to the Beatles." They played this awesome version of Dear Prudence (acoustic, no drums). I MUST have that song. Does anyone know where I can find a copy of it?
14th-Dec-2003 12:46 pm - Shad Hanna's
winking Michiru
Saw the Clarks on Friday at their Shad Hanna's show. I was very happy. Yay. ^_^
30th-Nov-2003 10:27 pm(no subject)
[hp] sarah wuz here
Since I found this little community today, and since I went to the fabulous concert last night, I thought I'd share a few LJ icons I made with the Clarks and their lyrics. If anyone has ideas for more, or has a lyric they'd like to see, let me know. I love making icons.

Rules: If you take, comment at me. Oh, and recognition in your keywords would be nice too :-)

Behind the cut so as not to clog friends' lists.Collapse )
26th-Nov-2003 04:03 pm - Hello
winking Michiru
Hi everyone. Just found this community and decided to join. Going to the Clarks show this Saturday in Pittsburgh. I've wanted to go for a while now, but never really got the chance. I'm really looking forward to it. ^_^
6th-Nov-2003 07:56 pm - Hiya!
Hey guys!!! I was just browsing and saw that there was a Clarks Community... I am sooooo excited! I've seen the Clarks 3 times total... once at X-fest 2002, Last year at Slippery Rock Universitiy's Homecoming and again this summer at the Southern Park mall..where I got to meet Scott!!! If you wanna chat or anything or hear about my Clarks experiences let me know!
18th-Sep-2003 03:45 pm - i'm far too excited
i was just longingly looking over the cigdig that just popped into my mailbox. and as usual i glanced down the tour dates to see if any shows would be in the area the next time i venture back home to good old pa, when what did i see... A DATE IN EUGENE OREGON! i actually screamed out loud with joy. i'm so excited that i can't stop repeating the phrase "THE CLARKS! IN OREGON! IN EUGENE NO LESS!"

and thus came this entry. but if anyone can understand the excitement of a clarks show for a grossly misplaced fan, it's you guys. so i know you'll forgive me for being a dork :)

woohoo!! here come the clarks!
5th-Jul-2003 09:48 am - Thursday's show!
if anyone still checks this:

Aug. 14th
Thursday's Bar in bridgewater PA
$14 a ticket
Tickets on sale this monday
4th-Jul-2003 01:02 pm - The ship is going down...
Hey everyone just decided to join, cause well i love the clarks their sound is very unique...i've been to alot of their concerts and what not and everything and im part of the forum well i just wanted to say hi.
29th-Jun-2003 11:02 pm - The sun broke the haze...
Hihi, all. ^_^ Just joined this community, tho I've been a Clarks fan for a few years now.
I was at the concert last night... anyone else? They put on a great show, as usual. The energy was wonderful, and you could tell the guys were really having a blast on stage. :D
Okay, well, just wanted to say hello to everyone. ^_^ Later!
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